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For a long time I have been searching the best way to track the mobile phone. I wondered if is it possible to find the location of my phone in case if somebody steals it or I just forget it somewhere. I have been considering a few methods, how is it possible to find the lost phone. One of them was tracking by mobile operator. It is quiet good service, but it needs close cooperation between client and mobile operator, sometimes it is too complicated. There is opportunity to track the mobile phone with the help of special websites, but you have to pay there to receive the required information and it is not convenient for me.

Why PhoneGuardian?

Then I tried PhoneGuardian software and this is exactly what I was looking for. If you try this tracking software, you don’t have to worry if your phone will be stolen or forgotten somewhere anymore. Now you can always find yours smartphone location with GPS tracking or Cell Id info options. So you can find out where the phone is even without integrated GPS module, that’s not a problem for PhoneGuardian.

What is Cell Id and GPS

CellID is the unique number of a GSM cell for a given operator. As the phone is always connected to GSM operator, you always can find the location of the phone by knowing this number. With the help of Cell Id you can find the location of the phone very precisely (up to one km).

GPS (Global Positioning System) refers to a system of satellites and receivers that allow people and devices to pinpoint their precise location on the earth. With GPS tools integrated at the phone it is always possible to find its location very precisely. It is just necessary to set the point from which the GPS should detect the coordinates.

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GPS tracking

With the help of GPS tracking function there is an opportunity very precisely to find out coordinates where the phone is located. This option is available only for mobile smartphones with integrated GPS module.

PhoneGuardian has an option GPS period, there you can to set up how often the GPS coordinates will be updated.

In order to receive the correct info there is such option as ‘GPS Warm Up’. The value of GPS warm up time can not exceed the GPS period. You can use the default value or to set up your own. This means that the GPS module will be activated every 5 minutes, for example, to the end of GPS Period and closed after retrieving coordinates. When the coordinates are received, you can find the location of the phone with the help of Google Maps.

There are two ways to track the phone location: automatic and manual (by sending SMS with commands).

Automatic tracking

It is possible the smartphone were locked after sim change automatically. If to turn the Lock Mode ‘On Sim change’ on, the phone will be locked if the Sim card on it will be changed and then the sms with GPS coordinates and CellID will be sent to the previously defined numbers. At the Alarm SMS that is sent from the locked phone, you can find the following information:

1. Confirmation that Lock SMS was received if applicable

2. Date and time when the phone was locked

3. IMSI number: An International Mobile Subscriber Identity, or IMSI [im-zee], is a unique number that is associated with all GSM and UMTS network mobile phone users. This number is stored in the mobile operator database. Having this number the mobile operator can for sure say 3 things:

a) In what country is the phone now (first 3 digits)

b) What mobile network is the phone using now (next 2 or 3 digits)

c) Who is listed in the mobile operator database as owner of the inserted SIM card (unique subscriber number, MSIN

4. IMEI: a unique number of the phone. You can give this information to the police and to the mobile network operator in order to get your phone blacklisted (barred) as lost or stolen till it will be found.

5. Cell Info or CellID: the exact location of the Cell where the phone was located when the Alarm SMS was received. This point allows to check very precisely (up to one km) where your phone is located.

6. GPS Coordinates: GPS receiver calculates its position by carefully timing the signals sent by the GPS satellites. The position is displayed, with latitude and longitude.

Tracking with SMS

In order to operate PhoneGuardian and track the smartphone remotely, you should send the special SMS with commands to the phone.

The text message should have the following format:


There is possible to use such commands to track the software:


e.g. :i:PASSWORD

This command gets information about current status of the mobile: sends date and time of phones lock, CellID information, IMSI number, GPS coordinates, number of the current SIM card. This info SMS sends to all numbers, including the number from which the Lock SMS was sent. In this way you can track the mobile constantly and not only when the SIM was changed.


e.g. :g:PASSWORD

Turns the GPS Tracking to On (GPS tracking is set to ‘On’) You will not immediately receive the GPS coordinates; this SMS message just changes the settings of the PhoneGuardian software.


e.g. :t:PASSWORD

Turns the GPS Tracking to Off (GPS tracking is set to ‘Off’ in the Phone Guardian Settings)

For once PhoneGuardian stood me in good stead. I have forgotten the phone at work and found that I hadn’t it just at home. At first I thought that somebody stole my smartphone, but then I sent the SMS and when received the coordinates I found that I just have it forgotten and PhoneGuardian helped me to realize that.

Now with this tracking software for mobile phones you will be always informed about location of your phone and of course it can help to find a thief in case if the phone is stolen.

Try PhoneGuardian now!

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