Phone Wallet v.3.0 for Series 60.3/60.5: Secure and organise your confidential data!

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Phone Wallet v. 3.0 safely secures and flexibly organizes your confidential data like passwords, credit card data, agreements, sensitive dates. Phone Wallet version 3.0 released 11.08.2009. Now the software is fully compatible with Symbian Series 60.5: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97!
Your confidential information is strongly secured and you have it always with you, organized in your own flexible way: this is what Phone Wallet on your Series 60.3/60.5 mobile brings!

You can easily synchronize your data between Mobile and PC version. First of all, you need to backup all your data on the mobile phone and transfer it to your PC. The backup file can be worked out with Phone Wallet for Windows PC (FREEWARE), which can be downloaded HERE

Phone Wallet secures all data that you enter into it with encryption algorithms, so the data is not available to anyone even after you connect the mobile to PC and grab all data from it. The new data encryption algorithm was introduced to make your data more secured.

There are many preinstalled folders and data types with icons. You may reorganize all the data flexibly as you wish, make a folders tree, add or delete new fields of any type and organize folders, entries and fields.

Phone Wallet Splash

Released: 11.08.2009

Version: 3.0

File Size: 285 Kb

Buy Full Version ($9.99) Download Mobile VersionDownload Phone Wallet for Windows PC(Zip)Download Phone Wallet for Windows PC(Exe)English User Manual

General information:

Phone Wallet secures your personal and confidential information using strong data encryption algorithms. You may enter any information you need to keep secure, as your credit card numbers, online banking access, PC access, your insurance data and your confidential contact information.

You can also synchronize your data between Mobile and PC version. To download the PC version of the software and to read more about it you can HERE (Phone Wallet PC version description page).The software Phone Wallet for Windows PC is totally FREE

New in version 3.0: the list of compatible devices was increased. Now the software is fully compatible with newest Symbian S60.5 devices like Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97.

Phone Wallet Security:

Even if your phone will be taken by somebody, your data will stay secured. The application entering is blocked with password, so only knowing the right password you can access the data stored inside. The database is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Also the Autolock function was implemented: the application gets automatically locked after it is some time unused.

To assure most security, the application gets locked also when it comes to background, for example when somebody is calling you or when you go to the main menu.

Phone Wallet interface

Phone Wallet has nice and easy to use interface. The application is very flexible and you can easily adjust its look according to your needs.

There are five predefined folders with predefined records stored in each of them. Every record has fields where you can enter your information. You can any time reorganize the folder and make it to a folder tree with many levels. There is no limit for folder tree levels number and no limits of folders number.

Every folder consists of records. You may use the predefined records, or you may create your own records with different icons, names and fields. There is no limit for the number of records in one folder and number of fields in each record. You may any time create new fields in any place where your cursor now is placed, to choose the field type and field name.

Phone Wallet Users:

Phone Wallet is a must for:

  • Internet Users: for safe storing all internet, PC, FTP, Logins and mail passwords in one place
  • Business People: for storing business contract information, confidential contacts, financial information, business ideas as notes
  • Car owners: for keeping all data about your car secured in one place
  • All users: for securing credit cards info, credit and debit cards info, access passwords and goods warranties - everything you can not share with others should be secured.

Key Features:

  • New Strong data encryption for your data security
  • Backup feature available (Now you can backup your data and transfer it to PC or restore it from file)
  • AutoLock function after some time of being idle
  • Application is locked when it goes to background
  • Layout settings for icons and view styles
  • Total flexibility for adding, deleting and editing of folders, records and fields
  • Many data are predefined for you, so the application is ready to use right after install
  • Nice application design

Registration Information:

The trial version of the Phone Wallet software is limited for 10 days. The full version of the software is obtained by a license code provided upon purchase. The license code is based on the unique IMEI provided and the application can be used exclusively on the device it is licensed for. The license cannot be retrieved and applied to other devices.

Please make sure that the trial version of the Phone Wallet Series 60.3/60.5 is installed on your phone and you like its performance. The Full Version will have exactly the same performance, so please try before you buy.

We do not grant any money back guarantee for the software you purchase.


We will be glad to support you at support (at) if you have any questions or concerns. We are always glad to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Phone Wallet software:

Q: When do you plan to release the PC version of the software?

A: The PC version of the software is now available and can be downloaded HERE. It is absolutely FREE. You are welcome to send us proposals regarding new features of both PC and mobile versions.