Phone Productivity Bundle: make your mobile different from others with AutoProfiles and AutoThemes and get your discount!

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Get your discount for two software pieces! AutoProfiles and AutoThemes only for 15.99 USD! Improve your phone with minimum efforts and get Nokia profiles and Nokia Themes change automatically!

Now you do not need to pay for two software titles, you can buy Phone Personalization Bundle with the discount price. Phone Personalization Bundle includes:

  • AutoProfiles software: changes profiles for you automatically, according to your own schedule and to the meetings in your mobile calendar, saving your time. Together with profile also Bluetooth status can be changed.
  • AutoThemes software: performs automatic themes change on your Series 60 v3 Symbian smart phone. Themes change is made using your own rules, which you have to create.

AutoProfiles Main Screen AutoProfiles Schedules List Bluetoth menu

Auto Profiles performs automatic profiles activation on your Series 60 v3 Symbian Smartphone. Profile change is made using your personal schedule with rules. The schedule is totally adjustable, with options for activation and deactivation of mobile native and user defined profiles. In schedule you can choose among the variety of recurring conditions (once, daily, weekly, on weekdays, on weekends, monthly, yearly).

Together with profile also Bluetooth can be changed, so you can use AutoProfiles also as Bluetooth scheduler.

AutoThemes - List of rules AutoThemes - Time Based Rule AutoThemes - Profile Based Rule

AutoThemes allows creating two types of rules: time based rule and profile based ones. Nokia theme can be changed at exact time, or can be changed when certain profile is activated. All you need to do is to create rule.

You are welcome to download the trial versions of these software pieces:




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