Phone Lock symbian Nokia smartphone using PhoneGuardian

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Don’t you want to save your Nokia phone from the strange using? This is possible with PhoneGuardian software. You may not to worry that somebody else will have access to your phone in case it is stolen or lost.

PhoneGuardian is very useful application compatible with symbian Nokia phone, which helps to secure the smartphone. Once lock the phone, nobody, except from you, will have access to it.

Remote lock

There are three ‘Lock Modes’, that can be chosen:

  • On Sim card change - the phone is locked on every change of Sim card;
  • On Lock SMS - the phone is locked after the Lock SMS is received by the Phone;
  • Both - both modes mentioned above are active.

Of course, when choosing ‘Both’ the Nokia will be most protected. When the phone is locked the message appears on the screen that notice about this. At the text of the message can be written anything you like. When the lock SMS is sent to the phone, the sms with the information about location of the phone and confirmation that it was locked will be received.


Autolock is great and very useful feature. It keeps your phone always secure even without your interference. There is an opportunity that the Nokia smartphone was locked automatically if the phone is idle. In order to set up this function, there is option ‘Autolock after’, you should just set the specified time and when it expires, the phone will be locked.

PhoneGuardian Splash Released: 23.11.2009
Version: 3.1
File Size: 319 Kb
For Symbian OSBuy Full Version ($12.99) Download Trial/Full version English User Manual

Lock commands

To operate Phone Guardian remotely, user needs to send special text messages to the phone.

The text message should have the following format:


LOCK :l: (small letter L)

e.g. :l:PASSWORD

Small letter “L” Locks the phone. Emits the siren (if Alarm option is turned to On) and locks the phone with sending the appropriate alarm SMS to all numbers, including the number from which the Lock SMS was sent.


e.g. :g:PASSWORD

Unlocks the phone. The phone can also be unlocked on the handset entering the right password.


e.g. :t:PASSWORD

Turns on siren sound and locks the phone with sending the appropriate SMS to all numbers, including the number from which the Full Lock SMS was sent from. This option is very useful when you know that the thief can be located near you at the moment and you do not know if siren is switched off or on.

PhoneGuardian is very easy to use and reliable application. With its help you can protect your Nokia smartphone from strange using. It is very great, because you can lock the phone remotely and it can be locked automatically. One more reason if you should try it is that in the locked mode no one except you will have access to the symbian mobile phone.

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