Partners’ products for Symbian and Windows Phone platforms

SMS Forwarder v. 2.71 by Wisware Software Technologies Studio

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Most mobile communication operators provide call forward service. But few of them provide SMS/MMS forward. If you look for a solution to solve the problem, SMS Forwarder is the answer.

SMS Forwarder is application for mobile phones. The application can receive incoming SMS/MMS and send the message text content to other phone number as a new SMS. SMS Forwarder can put the information of original message sender in the new SMS.

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SMS Responser v. 1.50 by Wisware Software Technologies Studio

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Sms Responser Pro can assist you when you are busy. The application automatically handles incoming call and sms on behalf of you.

You just need to set a response sms and run the application. When a call or sms is coming, the application sends your pre-set message to the caller so they will know you are busy. Later you can browse all missed call and sms in the application. You can set any response text you like. You can also set black/white number list, auto/manual hang up, etc.

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Message Mirror v. 5.3 by Wisware Software Technologies Studio

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Message Mirror monitors all incoming and outgoing messages (SMS and MMS) and call log on your phone and buckups them in a database. Message Mirror can help you:

  • Find deleted messages and call log.
  • Restore deleted messages to INBOX and SENTBOX folders.
  • Backup messages and call log.
  • Secrete private messages.

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Message Router v. 1.20 by Wisware Software Technologies Studio

Screenshot Message Router Buy Full Version($12.50) Message RouterUser Manual

Message Router can forward sms according to user desired forward rules (route table). With the application you can make your phone to be a sms router, which receives incoming sms and then forward to other phones. The forward destination is determined by incoming phone number and route table.

Generic route is also called “static route”. The application receives incoming sms and matches its phone number to route table. If the incoming phone number applies to a route rule, the sms will be forward to corresponding destination number. In this application, incoming sms is called “inbound message”, forward sms is called “outbound message”.

Dynamic route is a more flexible way to route message. The sms sender can manually set an outbound phone number in his sms. For instance, a sender sends below sms to the message router phone.

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Message Router v. 1.20 by Wisware Software Technologies Studio

Screenshot SMS Anywhere Go Live Screenshot SMS Anywhere Go Live Buy SMS Anywhere Go Live! 1 month Pro Subscription ($19.90) Buy SMS Anywhere Go Live! 6 months Pro Subscription($29.90) Buy Sms Anywhere Standard edition($40.00) Buy Sms Anywhere Ultra edition($49.90) SMS Anywhere Go Live User Manual

SMS Anywhere Go Live is a cloud service to help people to backup and browse phone SMS/MMS/CALL events online. With this service you can check your SMS/MMS/CALL events online even the phone is not with you. All events are kept for 3 months before they get purged on the server. (For MMS, only the text part is transfered to cloud server.)

SMS Anywhere Go Live features:

  • Backup incoming and outgoing text messages and call log online.
  • Support white/black lists.
  • Work in background, no menu or icon. (Pro subscription users.)
  • Starts automatically upon phone is powered on.

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