For Series 60 software and SymbianGuru applications.
Q: How can I buy the software directly from the mobile phone?
A: Now there is ability to buy the software directly from the mobile phone. You will have just to enter the software and press Options – Buy and follow the instructions
Q: How can I install the applications?
A: The Series 60 applications are delivered as .sis files. They can be installed by using the PC Suite software, or the .sis file can be transferred directly to the mobile using InfraRed, Bluetooth or DataCable
Q: How can I download and install the software directly on the mobile phone?
A: If you have no access to the PC and want to download the software and to install it on your mobile phone you can use the instructions prepared. This instructions can be downloaded HERE.
Q: Have you some discounts for users who are ready to buy two or more application copies?
A: Now we have the discount for users who are ready to buy two copies of the same application and if you are planning to buy more than ten copies you can contact us at info (at) symbianguru.com.
Q: Have you any Christmas discounts for users?
A: You can get the software for free as a prize for the forums activity. Usual we are taking part in all shops’ Christmas Discount Sales campaign. You can take part in them and get your favorite software for the special prize or even for free.
Q: Is my phone compatible with the software on your website?
A: For users’ convenience there is a trial version available on our website. So you are able to download it and to test the software for 10, 5 or 3 Days (the amount of days depends on the software you want to test). If you like its performance you can also purchase the software.
Q: Is there any difference between the trial and the full version of the software?
A: The trial and the full versions of the software have the same performance. So when you are using the trial, please be sure that you like its performance and want to purchase the software.
Q: How can I remove applications from my phone?
A: Use the Manager application in the Tools folder on the phone. This lists all of the installed applications and allows them to be removed. Please note, some security applications like Phone Guardian can require password during uninstallation process.
Q: What methods of payment does your on-line shop accept?
A: Our on-line shop can accept Master Card, VISA, Discover/Novus, Diners, JCB, UK and US checks, USD wire transfer, there is also PayPal option and phone/fax payment for USA numbers.
Q: Can I pay with PayPal?
A: Yes, you can
Q: Can I pay also with online money systems?
A: Yes, we accept also online currency payments. In case you would like to make payment in online currency such as E-Gold or WebMoney, please contact us at info (at) symbianguru.com
Q: I don’t have a credit card. How can I purchase your software?

A: If you cannot pay using the above methods, you can pay per wire transfer or using PayPal
Q: What do I receive when I purchase your software?
A: When the software is purchased, you will receive an unlock code. The trial versions of our applications have a Register option on the main Options menu. Select this and you will be prompted to enter the unlock code. Once the correct unlock code has been entered, the full functionality of the application will be enabled. Most of our application has time based trial, in this case entering unlock code will remove time limitation.
Q: I’ve purchased an application from your on-line shop. When will I receive the unlock code?
A: The unlock code is sent in the email receipt as soon as the purchase is complete, please take care to input your IMEI carefully in order to receive your registration code straight after you have purchased your software. In case there were any errors in the IMEI input you will receive your key not later then in 2 working days after the purchase.
Q: Does your software free for users who have changed the phone, and how can I get the new reg.code?
A:If you have changed the phone and you IMEI number also has been changed, you have just send us the letter with the old IMEI number and tell us the new one. Also do not forget to tell us the software you have purchased to ease our work to find your info in our database. After that we will generate you the new reg.code for free.
Q: I’ve received the unlock code, but the software says ‘Invalid Code’ when I enter it. What’s wrong?
A: Check that you have the latest version of the software installed. The keycode supplied will be valid for the latest version, but may not work correctly on earlier versions. If the latest version is installed correctly, please send us the IMEI code of your phone, and we’ll check that the registration code is correct.
Q: When installing a Series 60.3 application I receive a message: ‘Certificate error’. What can I do?
A: Some mobile phones have problem with recognition of the signed apps and treat them as if they were unsigned. Please go to Tools -> App. Manager, choose Options -> Settings and set Software installation to All and Online certif. check to Off.
Q: Do your application have some kind of quality assurance?
A: Our applications with ‘For Symbian OS’ logo for Series 60.3 are Symbian Signed, so they were tested for quality by Symbian approved Test house. Some applications that do not require Symbian Signed was tested very carefully by our internal quality assurance. In case you will find some bug either in application or in the supplied documentation please contact us at support (at) symbianguru.com we will appreciate your comment very much!
Q: Where can I find my phone’s IMEI number?
A: To find out your IMEI number, you should enter the following combination *#06#. The number you’ll get is IMEI number of your phone.
Q (Cute Keys): I could not create any shortcuts at all. What I am doing wrong?
A: In order to create the shortcut you need to find out what key you need to press first: a number or a special one. After that without letting out one key you need to press the second one. On the screen you will receive the created short cut combination.
Q (AutoThemes): When the software changes my theme, some of them are missing. What should I do to prevent this missing?
A: You can try to reinstall the software. First you should uninstall the old version of the software, reboot your phone, download and transfer the new one and after its installation reboot the phone once again.
Q (Phone Guardian): When the new version with some new features will be available?
A: It is planned to release the new version of the software in the beginning of 2009 with some new features added.
Q (Phone Wallet): When do you plan to release the PC version of the software?
A: We are preparing the software now for release, the final testing and fixing takes place now. Approximately in January-February 2009 we plan to release the software and inform all our customers by e-mail about the new version. Also about this we will inform on our website.
Q (AutoProfiles): Please be so kind to explain us how to make the software to change the profile on the predefined meeting entries?
A: Now you can enter the :AP: command to the description of the meeting in the calendar of your mobile phone. Please be sure that you have entered the correct command in the correct field of the meeting entry. Otherwise the software will not recognize it.
Q (GPS-Action): I have defined two different landmarks (using CellId info), but the software does not do anything. What I am doing wrong?
A: First of all the problem can be that you have not found all the possible CellIDs in this area. Please try to find out all possible ones and after that add them to the landmark. Also may be your CellIds are repeated. Landmarks should have the unique CellIDs.
Q (GPS-Action): Is it possible to Change back some action when I leave the landmark area?
A: In order to make it possible, you need to create the separate landmark and create one more rule to change the action back.
Q (GPS-Action): How can I save the phone’s battery life?
A: In order to save the battery life of your mobile phone, you need to select the Network Based method of positioning in phone settings or use the CelId positioning in GPS-Action software settings.
Q (GPS-Action): What should I do to add my Nokia Landmarks to the GPS-Action landmarks?
A: If you want to load all the possible landmarks available in the Nokia Landmarks you need to enter the software GPS-Action, press Landmarks and select New landmark from the option menu. After that you will be able to use three ways to define the landmark, and one among them is to Load from Landmarks.

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