Blacklist symbian application – CallGuard

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You are happy Symbian Nokia phone owner? The CallGuard is the great software compatible with your phone. With it you shouldn’t worry about unexpected and so untimely calls. CallGuard can work according to your personal and business schedule.

General information

CallGuard is an application that will help you to manage all incoming calls on your Nokia phone. You should create Black and White lists, and create the schedule, according which the call has to be rejected. There is opportunity to mute or reject calls, to send the SMS to the appropriate contact from the Blacklist and to accept the calls from contacts that are specified at the Whitelist.

How to use CallGuard

The installation process

You should download the software from our website at first and transfer it to your Nokia N97 via Bluetooth, IRDA or Cable. Then run the .sis file and the installation process will begin. Follow the instructions on the screen and when application will be installed, reboot the phone. Your Nokia phone and CallGuard are ready for using!

CallGuard Splash Released: 15.12.2009
Version: 1.0
File Size: 293 Kb
For Symbian OSBuy Full Version ($12.99) Download Trial/Full version CallGuard User Manual

Creating of Blacklists and Whitelists

You should create the Blacklist or Whitelist and to define there phone numbers from the contacts on Nokia smartphone or you can add the new number. In that lists should be the contacts, whose calls should be rejected. Then one of the lists has to be activated.

Note! You have the capability to create many lists, but the only one can be activated. If you want to make all lists inactive, you should deactivate the program.

The software allows the creating the schedule, according to which the black list will be activated on symbian mobile phone Nokia phone. You can set on it all your busy hours and don’t have to worry that somebody will call at an appropriate moment, the software switch on and off the defined list automatically.

While you are creating the schedule, you should select the condition of your schedule – how often this schedule should be activated:

1. Once – the chosen list will be activated one time;

2. Daily or weekdays - you should define the Weekdays when the list will be activated;

3. Monthly - you will need to enter the Day of month when the list will be activated.

Key features:

  • The two types of lists can be created: BlackLists and WhiteLists;
  • The number of lists is unlimited;
  • There are a different types of the rejection actions;
  • Action ‘Busy’ can be defined when one of the numbers from list is calling;
  • Mute ringing is available;
  • The software can reject the incoming calls and send the SMS message to the contact number;
  • The Lists are activated according to your own schedule;
  • The software is fully compatible with Nokia N97

With this blacklist for Symbian mobile phones, it is very easy to control all the unexpected or unwanted calls from the defined contacts. Try CallGuard now!
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